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About me.

I first got closer to the architecture design field when I was very young. I used to spend entire days building toy models with Legos.

After graduating from a secondary school focusing on humanities, I started the Graphics and Multimedia Design three-yearly course at the Architecture faculty of La Sapienza in Valle Giulia, Rome. Before taking up the specialization course I did supplementary exams in order to take, in addiction, an Interior Design degree.

I then started to work in the Graphics field. In 2008 I had an experience as the scenographer of the XVI National Congress FNP stage at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome. This experience gave me the motivation to finish the course of my studies and to enroll at the university, where I started studying the Interior and Exhibition Architecture specialized course at La Sapienza, University of Rome.

During my studies, I also continued working as a freelance professional in my company CAP which was founded in 2009. In 2012 I was commissioned to set up the Contemporary Art Biennal in occasion of the 80th anniversary of Latina, the city where I was born. It will happen again in 2014 and 2016, when I’m still responsible for the setting up of the same exhibition.

I took my degree in 2013 with a thesis about Museography, a Museum for Latina. It was an occasion to study the story of my city and it led me into joining the editing of the Urban Atlas, in collaboration with the House of Architecture, Latina.

Planning virtual spaces gave me the opportunity to attend the most innovative training and refresher courses that were about 3D modeling, rendering and post-production software.

After several years of freelance experience in the field of advertising and corporate identity, I have been working as retail designer for an international company in Liverpool and I am currently working in London with some of the world’s leading brands for various projects such as live events and global exhibitions.